Schottky Rectifiers Feature Wettable-Flank Packaging


High-efficiency, 5 to 15A-rated TSUP Series rectifiers offered in 45V and 60V versions

Taiwan Semiconductor announces the availability of the TSUP Series of AEC-101-qualified trench Schottky rectifiers. These 5A/10A/15A-rated rectifiers are offered with peak repetitive reverse voltage ratings (VRRM) of 60V or 45V with 1.0ms peak forward surge current (IFSM) of nearly 300A. The SMPC4.6U-package offers both headroom and footprint advantages desirable in many automotive and industrial applications. The patented trench technology provides industry-leading performance; in particular, lower forward voltage drop, low leakage current and fast, controlled reverse recovery time (Trr).

The TSUP Series package’s wettable flank is an essential feature for meeting automotive requirements, as well as for facilitating automated visual inspection during assembly. In addition, the wettable-flank package reduces parasitic DC resistance by increasing the contact area with the PCB. This improves both steady-state and transient-thermal performance and power converter efficiency, while also increasing power density and overall reliability. 

The devices in the TSUP Series feature:

·        Patented Schottky Technology – Lower forward voltage drop, fast and controlled Trr and low leakage current over-temperature increases efficiency and power density.

·        High Peak Forward Surge Current Critical concern in automotive applications.

·        Wettable Flank Packaging – Essential to meet automotive visual inspection requirements; improves the manufacturability of the end-product application.

·        SMPC4.6U Package– Low profile and small footprint supports requirements for compact system packaging.

·        Global Materials Compliance– RoHS-compliant, halogen-free (per IEC-61249-2-21).

Design resources include comprehensive datasheets, 3D CAD and spice models (via links on the website).

Price:                    From 0.435 to 0.743 in OEM Quantities

Lead Time:           in-stock (Digi-Key and Mouser) and samples available from stock

For more information, visit Taiwan Semiconductor's site.