ScopeCorder Gets Turbocharged with New Hardware and Software

Staff Written, PSD



As electrical electromechanical systems grow in complexity, the requirement for more specialised test equipment increases. Engineers performing tests on these systems need to see more detail than ever before from many different sources. Yokogawa has catered to this market since 1997 with its ScopeCorder test equipment, which has the features of both an oscilloscope and a data recorder.


However, emerging applications, such as the testing required for wide bandgap inspired designs in electric vehicles and renewable energy systems, have meant that even these specialised testers need to offer more performance than previously. Seeing that trend, Yokogawa has added a new instrument to the family, which improves testing speed while offering more channels and features. The company has also introduced an integrated software platform to get the best out the ScopeCorder and provide better synchronisation between its instruments.


The new DL950 ScopeCorder is Yokogawa’s fourth generation of ScopeCorder and it has been developed to provide engineers with a greater in-depth view of the application’s electrical and mechanical behaviour. It adds to the capabilities of its predecessor, the DL850E, with an acquisition memory of up to 8 Gpoint, and a 200 MS/s sample rate at 14-bit resolution. The device is capable of displaying up to 32 isolated analogue channels at 10 MS/s at 16-bit, or up to 128 digital channels.


These higher specifications mean that the DL950 can provide analysis of the fine waveform details while observing multi-channel measurements over longer periods. The instrument’s dual capture feature provides both data acquisition recorder functionality and the sample speed and trigger features of an oscilloscope. The DL950 allows users to capture data into internal memory, internal hard disk (SSD), directly to a PC or flash memory, the latter being released soon.


The DL950 is flexible, as it can be connected to 21 types of input modules. These include 12-, 14- and 16-bit isolation modules, universal voltage/temperature modules, acceleration/voltage modules, strain modules and frequency modules. It is designed to operate in the harshest of environments.


IS8000 Integrated Software Platform

Yokogawa’s new IS8000 Integrated Software Platform can show data from several test instruments on the same screen. This provides a clearer view of the timing of control signals and switching events. Up to five DL950s can also be synchronized. The IS8000 software platform tightly integrates the timing, control, and data collection from multiple instruments through the IEEE1588 PTP protocol, USB or Ethernet, to create a comprehensive measurement suite.


Third-party high-speed cameras can also be controlled by the software platform. High speed camera and DAQ systems share trigger signal only, meaning that video image and waveform data are captured individually. The IS8000 synchronizes with each instrument at any point in time.


The IS8000 platform is available through an annual license, which gives users the latest version of the software for the duration of their subscription. Alternatively, users can opt for a perpetual license. This is a one-time purchase that can be used indefinitely, allowing users to upgrade for up to five years for major software revisions free of charge following purchase.