Screwless Terminal Block Reduces Maintenance by up to 40%


Designed to replace traditional terminal blocks, the EF2 Series Zero Screw connector delivers quick and secure one-step connection

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- Hirose has developed a screwless terminal block series that significantly reduces the electrical wiring time and maintenance workload compared to conventional terminal blocks. The Zero ScrewTM EF2 Series features a unique single-action connection design that requires the user to simply push a ring terminal into the connector. By eliminating the need for screws, the EF2 Series terminals do not require inspection or retightening to ensure a stable and consistent connection like traditional terminal blocks.

The EF2 Series is available in five different sizes with five different amperage options including 30A, 60A, 150A 250A and 400A.

Simplified installation and maintenance features makes the EF2 Series well-suited for hard-to-access applications. It can be used in a wide range of applications including rail, power distribution, machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and energy storage systems.

The EF2 Series has a rated voltage of 600V AC/DC, a contact resistance of 1 milliohms, and an operating temperature of -25ºC to 105ºC.

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