SDG&E claims breakthrough GenCell fuel cell tech



GenCell G5rx

 GenCell, the Israel-based fuel cell developer and manufacturer, has announced a strategic partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), a leading North American energy company. The San Diego-based energy company has been working alongside GenCell over the last year to test how fuel cells can contribute to the company’s efforts to be the cleanest, safest, most reliable energy company in America.

Gil Shavit, GenCell Chairman remarked, “We have seen many large and high profile businesses adopt our technology over the last few years, but we are particularly proud to welcome SDG&E. They are very progressive with a clear vision for what they represent, where they are going and with whom they want to partner. With significant interest across the world, it’s clear that fuel cell technology will be common place among all world leading energy businesses in the future.”

Based on proven space technology and further developments by some of the world’s leading energy scientists, the GenCell G5rx is a low-maintenance solution that does not emit any CO2 that can be used in both extreme environments and urban settings.

“At SDG&E, we pride ourselves on being innovative and at the forefront of applying new technology that ultimately improves the lives of the customers and communities we serve,” said Dave Geier, Vice President of Electric Transmission and Engineering for SDG&E. “When GenCell came to our team with its fuel cell innovation we immediately saw that this technology could help to advance our efforts in clean energy and continued excellence in reliable energy service.”

The partnership between GenCell and SDG&E is entering a new stage as the energy company will begin a three-year effort to install the GenCell G5rx back-up fuel cells at its substations. The fuel cell, which is a flexible, clean energy resource that only emits water, will automatically operate in the event the power grid goes down. The fuel cell can operate 10 times longer than existing back-up power sources, and has the capacity to maintain all substation operations versus only critical operations. The result could be shorter outages for all customers.

”We recognize that every second during a power outage is a disruption for our customers. With this technology we aim to increase the reliability of our service to customers, while also driving clean energy innovation,” added Geier.

The GenCell G5rx also comes with an optional proprietary Network Operations Center system (NOC), which allows all performance monitoring and analysis to be done remotely. Producing 5kW of steady power, the fully certified GenCell G5rx hydrogen-based fuel cell is a cost effective, reliable, and more efficient energy solution than existing back-up power solutions, such as extending the battery room or using diesel generators.