Sharp launches 15 inch initiative with industrial displays


High levels of contrast, brightness and sturdy construction - Sharp adds two new models to its range of 15-inch industrial displays.

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With two new variants (LQ150X1LW12 and LQ150X1LG11) Sharp now expands its range of industrial TFT LCDs with a diagonal of 15" (38.0 cm) to four models. The displays are characterised by their respective contrast ratios of 1000:1 and 800:1 - a basis for brilliant image reproduction - which in both cases is also due to the 16.8 million colours. The LQ150X1LW12 model also has a wide viewing angle of 170° in all directions, making it ideal for all screen applications in which several people need an unobstructed view from different directions, as in the case of display panels in control rooms or in commercial applications such as POS monitors. The design of the LQ150X1LG11 model makes it more suitable for use outdoors or in semi-protected areas. This is due to its high level of brightness of 600 cd/m² as well as its extended operating temperature of -20°C to 70°C. It can therefore be used in applications such as e-kiosk systems, vending machines and ATMs but also HMIs of outdoor machines and devices which are used in bright surroundings. Both new models have LED backlighting with a life-cycle of at least 50,000 hours. The drivers controlling the LED backlighting via pulse-width modulation are also integrated. This allows the benefits of the rapid dimmability of the LED backlight to be used to full advantage thus the display brightness can easily be adapted to the surrounding light. With the aid of the brightness sensors offered by Sharp in its series of optoelectronic components under model number GA1Axxxx, this process can also be automated, allowing the total electricity consumption of the system to be further optimised. Availability Samples of the new 15 inch displays of the LQ150X1LW12 and LQ150X1LG11 models are available immediately at the sales offices and European distribution partners of Sharp. Series production is due to start in 03 / 2012.