Short lead-times for custom or configured AC power supplies from Powerstax


BL High Power AC Output Power Supplies

Powerstax offers clean, reliable AC Power sources from Behlman Electronics with a range covering 1350VA to 120kVA. In the mid-range are the BL-Series with outputs available from 3000VA through 20kVA. The BL-Series has a wide range of standard options making a custom configured power supply simple to specify and quick to deliver, while meeting international safety agency approvals and being CE marked.

Standard options for customising the Belhman BL-Series include; extended output frequency range of 45 – 1000Hz, IEEE-4888 programmable interface, RS232 serial interface, locking potentiometers, motor test option, fixed output voltage, fixed output frequency, 0-300Vac L-N (with additional 7” chassis), 0-135 and 0-270Vac (with additional 7” chassis), ruggedized for harsh environments, mounting bracket and cabinet with castors.

Tim Worley, CEO of Powerstax, comments,” We have worked with Behlman Power for many years and their products are efficient, reliable and simple to use. They have used their long experience to make the most commonly used features available as standard options. Selecting options from their comprehensive list removes the problem of design costs and long lead-times for customization or reconfiguration and takes advantage of the engineering work Behlman have already done.

The Belhman BL-Series of rugged, reliable and easy to use power supplies are suitable for a wide variety of applications including , avionics and aircraft product testing, aircraft simulator power, industrial product testing, power conversion and facility power.

Powerstax designs and manufactures an extensive range of standard, value-added and custom AC and DC power solutions for a broad range of fixed and mobile applications including hot-swap front-end AC-DC bulk power, DC-DC converter bricks and modules and programmable, modular, rack mounted power supplies. Their Drake range of transformer rectifiers offer output currents to 5,000A and output power up to 1000kVA and beyond. Power solutions are available for harsh (marine, offshore, desert) and hazardous (Zone 1 and Zone 2) environments and can be oil, air or water cooled and can be sealed up to IP65 if the environment dictates with purge and pressure systems and heat exchangers incorporated if required