Signal Transformer's M4L international power isolation transformers are certified to an array of safety standards



M4L Series International Power Isolation Transformers

Signal Transformer, a division of Bel Fuse, announced that its high efficiency M4L Series of International Power Isolation Transformers has expanded its certification to numerous UL Safety Standards, including UL 60601-1 (medical electrical equipment). The 12-part series offers OEMs the ability to streamline access to global markets while cutting the cost and shortening the process of obtaining new product safety agency approvals.


Additionally, M4L transformers can be customized within a variety of configurations while maintaining all their UL Safety Agency approvals, usually at no additional cost.


Incorporating double reinforced insulation, the M4L Series is ideally suited for a diversity of safety-critical applications such as fire alarms and security systems, emergency lighting, deep mining exploration, hot tubs, spas and patient-connected medical devices. The series' construction utilizes low-loss silicon steel for higher efficiency and UL 94V0 flame rated polymers. In addition, their UL Class F rated insulation system permits operation in high ambient temperatures up to 80°C. Moreover, their non-concentric construction provides superior isolation, <30 µA leakage current, and more than 12 mm of creepage distance between the primary and secondary windings. All M4L transformers are rated to 4 KV hipot, however they were successfully tested to 12 KV without breakdown.


The UL certification of the M4L Series includes safety standards UL 60601-1, UL 60950-1, UL 1097 and UL 2097. Certification to these standards assures the parts can be used in products and appliances covered by a variety of UL standards including 864, 913, 916, 924, 1012, and 1238.


Engineered to facilitate secure and rapid connectivity as well as to prevent accidental shock, the M4Ls incorporate Touch-Safe terminals (IP20) that provide a screw/binding clamp for hard wiring, together with 3/16" and 1/4" Fast-On connections. Their compact size and vertical-mount configuration accommodates space-restricted enclosures, optimizes installation flexibility and allows easy access for terminating.


Parts are offered with power ratings of 300 VA, 450 VA, 600 VA or 1000 VA and input voltage's range from 100 V to 480 V to further promote design flexibility. The M4L transformers are supplied in four sizes, ranging from 4.20" (106.68 mm) L x 4.08" (103.51 mm) W x 3.75" (95.30 mm) H, to 4.89" (124.20 mm) L x 5.70" (144.78 mm) W x 5.25" (133.40 mm) H, and range in weight from 7.0 lbs (3.18 kg) to 22.0 lbs (10.0 kg).


In 50 unit quantities, M4L Series transformers range in price from $67.25 to $146.55 each. Delivery is from stock to 6 weeks.