Signal transmission with reliable galvanic isolation


With its new WL-OCPT Series 816 product family, Würth Elektronik offers phototransistor-type optocouplers for the first time.

These coplanar design optocouplers consist of an infrared LED on the input side and a phototransistor on the output side. They are characterized by a high insulation voltage of 5 kV and a stable current transfer ratio (CTR) over the entire operating temperature range. The WL-OCPT is available in five different THT and SMT contacting variants each with five CTR binnings each from 50 to 600 percent. Würth Elektronik decided for a copper lead-frame instead of the otherwise usual iron lead-frames for these robust and durable components. WL-OCPT is suitable for use in power supplies and chargers, computers and microprocessors, electricity meters and many other applications that require signal transmission together with safe galvanic isolation.

The coplanar structure inside the white housing keeps a fixed distance gap to ensure overvoltage protection. The operating temperature range of the WL-OCPT is -55 to +110°C and the CTR is stable over this entire range. The maximum collector-emitter voltage for this series is 80 V.

The WL-OCPT 816 series is certified according to VDE EN60747-5-5:2011 (No. 40051484), UL 1577 (No. E513104) and CQC GB4943.1-2001; GB8898-2011(No. CQC20001244742).

Free samples of the optocouplers with phototransistor output are available now. All 25 products in 816 series are available from stock without a minimum order quantity.