Silego introduces the SLG59M1600V single-channel power switch



The SLG59M1600V is optimized for apps like high-current, low-voltage power-rail distribution

Silego Technology, a developer of highly configurable and cost-effective mixed signal products, announced a new addition to its expanding single-channel, self-contained, reverse-blocking integrated power-switch product portfolio. The SLG59M1600V is optimized for high-current, low-voltage power-rail distribution, power-rail sequencing, or any other power-rail application where power flow from load to source cannot be allowed.
With an internal charge pump, output voltage discharge circuitry, user-adjustable inrush current, thermal protection, and ON/OFF control, the SLG59M1600V is a completely self-contained integrated power switch.

The SLG59M1600V’s reverse current blocking feature protects the input power source against current flow from output to input when the power switch is OFF. While the IC is designed to operate on VDD supply voltages from 2.5 V to 5 V, the input voltage range of the power switch is designed to operate from 0.85 V to VDD. The lower 0.85 V limit has become increasingly more important as next-generation microprocessor core voltages continue a downward trend.

By virtue of the Company’s CuFET technology as well as advanced techniques in the design of integrated power MOSFETs, the SLG59M1600V’s low 7.8 mΩ RDSON generates a very low voltage drop during steady-state operation. Up to 9 A load currents, the SLG59M1600V dissipates little power as the voltage drop is less than 70 mV.

Available in a space-saving, low thermal resistance 14-pin 1.0 x 3.0 mm STDFN package, the SLG59M1600V is fully specified from -40°C to 85°C.

Key SLG59M1600V specifications include:

Ultra-low RDSON: 7.8 mΩ per Channel
Continuous Load Current: Up to 9 A
VDD Supply Voltage Range: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
Wide Power-rail Voltage Range: 0.85 V to VDD
Low Reverse-current Leakage when OFF: 0.5 µA
Adjustable In-rush Current/VOUT Slew Rate Control via External Capacitor
Over-temperature Protection
Low Operating Supply Current: 40 µA
Low-Supply Current when OFF: 1 µA
Fast, Internal Discharge

Target Applications:
• Power-rail Sequencing
• Two-rail Power Multiplexing
• Notebook and Tablet PCs
• Multifunction Printers
• Embedded PCs