Silicon Labs offers nextgen embedded radio ICs


Software tools simplify design-in and configuration processes

Si4x55 devices offer +13 dBm output power and -116 dBm sensitivity.

Silicon Laboratories, which specializes in analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, has launched two next-generation EZRadio wireless ICs designed to simplify the addition of wireless connectivity to cost-sensitive embedded applications. The new Si4455 transceiver and Si4355 receiver combine advances in size, performance, and low-power operation with easy-to-use development tools and are well suited for applications such as remote controls, automotive RKE (remote keyless entry), home and building automation, security and lighting control, wireless sensor networks, and health and fitness devices. Adding RF connectivity to embedded applications can be a complex, costly, and time-consuming process. Silicon Labs' new devices make it easy and cost-effective for developers to incorporate bidirectional and one-way RF links into products without performance trade-off and help expand the use of high-performance wireless connectivity in embedded designs. Covering the 283-350 MHz, 425-525 MHz, and 850-960 MHz bands, the Si4x55 devices offer +13 dBm output power and -116 dBm sensitivity. The devices offer -56 dB selectivity and -61 dB blocking (1 MHz offset) out-of-band performance, making it easier to meet regulatory standards and operate in noisy environments without additional filtering. The Si4x55 devices require minimal external components and are available in the smallest form factor in their class (3 x 3 mm), making them suitable to cost-sensitive, space-constrained designs. The products also offer low-power operation appropriate for battery-backed applications, drawing 50 nA standby current, active transmit current of 20 mA at +10 dBm and a low receive current of 10 mA. EZRadio products include the GUI-based EZConfig configuration tool, part of Silicon Labs' Wireless Development Studio. The software eliminates the complex manual configuration process, saving time and effort normally required to calculate and verify a lengthy list of radio parameters. Developers can select predefined configurations that have been optimized and validated, or they can easily set up their own customized configuration. EZConfig also includes an optional configuration wizard for developers who may be unfamiliar with RF design. This guides developers through a setup process that ultimately recommends a wireless configuration based on the needs of their end application. "Recognizing the traditional complexity of adding RF connectivity to embedded systems, we designed the new Si4x55 EZRadio wireless ICs and development tools to provide the utmost ease-of-use without sacrificing performance," said Diwakar Vishakhadatta, VP and GM of Silicon Labs' Wireless Embedded products. Pricing and Availability Samples of the Si4x55 EZRadio products are available now. Pricing for the Si4355 receiver starts at $0.99 (10k). Si4455 transceiver pricing starts at $1.19 (10k).