SiTime Transforms Precision Timing Market for Edge Networks


Elite X Super-TCXO Delivers 2x Better Stability and 30x Higher Reliability

SiTime Corporation introduced the Elite X Super-TCXO for edge networks such as data centers, 5G front haul, connected cars and industrial IoT. In these applications, Elite X solves critical timing problems and enables delivery of new services. 

To enable new time-sensitive services such as ADAS, virtual reality, and smart manufacturing, edge devices will need to deliver faster speeds with lower latency. Precision timing plays a crucial role in their success. Legacy timing devices such as quartz TCXOs and mini-OCXOs have well-known weaknesses such as sensitivity to thermal shock and vibration, stability degradation at high temperatures, and shorter operating life. By using silicon MEMS technology that is inherently more robust and reliable, Elite X overcomes these problems and enables the next generation of time-sensitive services everywhere. 

In edge networks, additional specifications such as aging, warm-up time, and power consumption are important for overall performance. Even here, SiTime Elite X outperforms legacy timing devices, simplifies system design, and offers dependable, consistent performance.

With Elite X (±10-20 ppb stability), Emerald (±5 ppb), and Elite (±50-500 ppb), SiTime offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class TCXOs and OCXOs that meet various application requirements in communications, networking, automotive, and industrial IoT. 

SiT5501 Elite X Super-TCXO Features and Benefits

The SiT5501 Elite X Super-TCXO includes the following features and benefits:

·         ±10 ppb frequency stability

·         -40°C to +105°C operating temperature. More applications require 105°C operation.

·         110 mW typical power consumption

·         Small package, 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm

·         ±0.5 ppb/°C dF/dT (frequency slope), resistant to thermal shock and airflow

·         ±0.5 ppb daily aging

·         Any frequency from 1 to 60 MHz with up to 6 decimal places of accuracy

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