SiTime’s MEMS-based timing solutions now at Ineltro Halmer Electronics



Ineltro Halmer Electronics, the largest privately owned electronic components distributor in Austria, announced the signing of a distribution agreement with SiTime Corporation, a MEMS and analog semiconductor company and a wholly owned subsidiary of MegaChips. Under this agreement, Ineltro Halmer Electronics will sell SiTime’s advanced MEMS oscillators in Central Europe and Central Eastern Europe.

SiTime’s timing solutions provide drop-in replacements for quartz crystal oscillator products. Based on MEMS resonators and high performance analog ICs, SiTime products overcome the limitations of quartz devices and can provide higher performance and better reliability at a lower cost.

“As a cutting-edge project-orientated distributor, we believe MEMS is becoming the dominant technology,” said Kurt Scheida, CTO and shareholder of Ineltro Halmer Electronics. “We have partnered with SiTime because they are shaping the future of timing.”

“2015 has been a transformative year for SiTime as we’ve grown market share and expanded our network of partners with the goal of making our timing solutions available to every electronics company in the world,” said Mark Lunsford, executive vice president of sales at SiTime. “We are excited that Ineltro Halmer Electronics has become a partner and believe their strong support is a great match for our game-changing MEMS oscillators which offer superior features, performance and reliability.”

Ineltro Halmer Electronics