SLIMLYNX digital power solution delivers 40% more power in smaller footprint



GE's Critical Power business unveiled its new DOSA-standard, 12A SlimLynx™ DC-DC power solution, which enables design engineers to finally deliver the performance and manufacturing efficiencies customers demand, without compromising board space or power efficiency. Thanks to the latest point of load (POL) GE innovation, engineers can add a low profile digital PMBus power module into previously unusable areas, such as the bottom of the board—effectively doubling the available board space for power while also enabling greater computational power for demanding processes. The SlimLynx 12A is the first offering within a new series of encapsulated, digital, non-isolated, DC-DC converters from GE's Critical Power business. The ultra-slim module provides industry-leading power density to reduce heat dissipation inside industrial, networking and telecommunication devices, while also delivering exceptionally high energy efficiency, peaking at over 95 percent. Karim Wassef, product line director, DC-DC power for GE's Critical Power business, explains more. "Engineers are constantly challenged to offer greater functionality in smaller spaces when designing digital equipment," Wassef said. "GE's SlimLynx innovation meets this challenge by allowing engineers to place this component in very tight spaces or in very small profile applications." Wassef continued, "Especially compelling is that the SlimLynx can be designed into each layer in the thin sliver of space between adjacent boards for on-board power in a mezzanine structure." The low profile SlimLynx is capable of delivering a 12A output current with an input of 3-14V and an output of 0.45-5.5V. Additional features include: A rectangular (vs. square) encapsulated form factor that provides engineers more placement options A self-contained solution without the need for an external drive voltage Tunable Loop™ patented technology that allows for fewer external components 40 percent more power = 12A x 5.5Vo @ 20.32 mm x 11.43 mm x 3.0mm The DOSA-standard12A SlimLynx is available for shipping in April, 2013. Pricing will be available at $9.98 at OEM quantities. GE Critical Power