Small footprint, low profile wirewound power inductors from TTI, Inc.



TTI, Inc., the global distributor of Passive, Interconnect, Relay & Switch and Discrete components, has announced two additions to Murata's LQH series of wirewound power inductors that feature low profile, improved current saturation and low DC resistance. Both parts also feature full shielding to reduce magnetic flux leakage in order to enable low DC resistance and high inductance. These power inductors are ideal for power circuitry in audio-visual equipment and many other applications. The LQH44P_J0 and LQH44P_P0 measure 4.0x4.0mm typical with maximum profile of 1.2 or 1.8mm respectively. The LQH44P_J0 comes in inductance values of 1.0 to 47?H; the 1.0?H part features rated current of 2.0A and low DC resistance of 0.048?. The LQH44P_P0 comes in inductance values of 1.0 to 22uH; the 1.0?H part features high rated current of 2.95A and very low DC resistance of 0.03?. About TTI, Inc. TTI's philosophy is "Lead by Design", and the company differentiates itself by focusing on people, parts and process. TTI, Inc. is a specialty distributor of passive, interconnect, relay & switch and discrete components. The company has developed a policy in Europe of being the distributor of choice for customers and suppliers alike by introducing new product technologies from key supply partners to its customers - and by stocking broad and deep across its franchise base. TTI also operates sophisticated inventory management processes which ensure that it has the ability to service changes in component demand due to fluctuating markets and supply chains. For more information, please visit our Media Centre at: