Small Package, High-Power Infrared LEDs from TTI



TTI, Inc., is now offering Osram’s SFH4259 Series of High-Power Infrared LEDs. These devices are state-of-the-art components designed to meet the stringent requirements of medical, industrial and automotive applications characterized by long life, high performance and first-class reliability. With a typical radiant intensity of 85 mW/sr at If = 100mA, they will outshine the competition. The SFH4259 PLCC Infrared LEDs offer optimum spectral performance in a compact package and are designed with double-stack emitter die and molded lens providing half angle of ± 25°.

These IR LEDs are ideal for industrial sensing applications, robotics, safety light curtains, infrared illumination for cameras and IR data transmission. Designed in robust packaging for harsh environment applications, they are fully qualified and tested, based on the guidelines of AEC-Q101-REV-C stress test qualifications for automotive grade discrete semiconductors.

To learn more, visit Osram Infrared LEDs at TTI