Small-Signal MOSFET for Ultra-Sensitive Gas Detection


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Linear Systems announces the launch of its lower-noise, Improved Standard Product 3N163 small-signal MOSFET for ultra-sensitive gas detection and other sensor applications.

The 3N163 P-Channel enhancement mode MOSFET was designed originally for front-end amplification of gas detection sensors. The part has been a key design option when high speed and low parasitic capacitance are important in circuit design. Linear Systems' ability to produce these parts with approximately half the noise of those previously available makes these parts the best design choice for a wide range of systems, including radiation detection sensors, dosimeters, electrometers and ultra-high-impedance amplifiers.

Linear Systems also offers its lower-noise dual version, the 3N165 monolithic dual P-Channel enhancement mode MOSFET, and its 3N170 and 3N171 N-Channel enhancement mode small-signal MOSFETs to provide a wide range of options for designers.

Linear Systems provides electrical selections of the 3N163 for threshold voltage and other parameters. In quantities over 100,000 pieces of the non-selected part, significant volume pricing is available. The part is available in TO-72, SOT143 and bare die form.

This product line is supported by an application note, datasheet and a recently developed SPICE model in the LTspice format (links below).

Linear Systems' product line consists of: Ultra-Low-Noise N-Channel and P-Channel Dual and Single JFETs, High-Speed Lateral DMOS Switches, Bipolar Transistors, BIFET Amplifiers, Current-Regulating Diodes, Low-Leakage Diodes, MOSFETs, PhotoFETS, and Voltage Controlled Resistors. Data sheets, applications notes, SPICE models and other information can be downloaded at Linear Systems.

Summary of Features:

  • Very High Input Impedance
  • High Gate Breakdown
  • Ultra-Low Leakage
  • Fast Switching
  • Low Capacitance


  • Lower-Noise Improved Standard Product
  • Key design option when high speed and low parasitic capacitance are important
  • Electrical selections for threshold voltage and other parameters available


  • Radiation Detection Sensors
  • Dosimeters
  • Electrometers
  • Ultra-High-Impedance Amplifiers