Smart, Innovative IoT Sensor Hub Technology for a Sustainable World


Easy-to-use; low power; cyber-secure

Smart, Innovative IoT Sensor Hub Technology for a Sustainable World

­Micro Technic unveiled its latest generation of IoT sensor hubs. Skylark is a complete and flexible IoT solution that enables the monitoring and collection of data from any remote application. Simple to set up and connect to any sensor, Skylark comes with an easy device management platform. A resilient, stable and durable IoT solution that ensures cyber-safe data transmission at the edge, Skylark is also an extremely low power, sustainable IoT gateway that can be powered by battery or solar energy and features multiple wireless options.

Although suitable for multiple IoT applications, Micro Technic is positioning Skylark for some specific sectors.

Climate change                                                                                                                                                              

As the Earth warms, increasingly extreme weather conditions are posing threats to our cities, environments and infrastructure. Therefore, it is vital to know gain an early warning of when and where these changes are happening in order to take appropriate action before events become dangerous or worse. Explains CEO, Frank Max Laursen: “Our focus on green energy liberates our Skylark IoT datalogger from needing a traditional power supply, which means that devices can be deployed on the highest mountains, the stormiest coastal areas or the most remote regions in the world.”


Skylark IoT solutions make it possible to analyze traffic patterns by collecting critical data This enables planners to find smarter ways to manage and improve the infrastructure and traffic. By taking this approach, cities can be made smarter and more sustainable, and the number of deaths from road accidents can be reduced.


Making the most of resources and eliminating inefficient production processes is essential, both for sustainability and profitability. Inefficiency is caused by a lack of insight into the behaviour and performance of equipment. A faulty machine will produce output of lower quality which can go unnoticed the machine breaks down. Skylark helps manufactures to monitor any process in the production line and make sustainable choices to improve productivity and reduce downtime. 

Skylark can be retrofitted to existing equipment easily, adding Industry 4.0 functionality, thereby increasing machine lifetime and supporting circular business models. Adds Laursen: “As well as ensuring product efficiency during its life, IoT can give manufactures insight as to when products are no longer being used, and can also tell the manufactures where their old hardware is located, via the internet-connectivity of the products. This means we can provide a ‘cradle-to-grave’ service.”


As the global population expands, the demand for food increases. Yet farmers and growers must deal with volatile and intense weather conditions, which impact the quality and quantity of crop production. Skylark IoT solutions can give insights on soil quality, weather conditions and crop status by measuring variables like humidity, temperature and moisture. Skylark’s low power and robustness means that the IoT dataloggers can be placed remotely in demanding environment with minimal maintenance.

Concludes Laursen: “Our view is that the IoT will playing a vital role supporting the green transition and creating a more sustainable world. We are playing our part by working on realizing targets from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 12. We want to be an innovative partner for our customers. To facilitate this, we have created the Engineering Campfire®,  a creative IoT workshop where our engineers help transform our customers vision and great ideas into IoT solutions that improve and add value to their businesses.”

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