SMC Diode offers SMB rectifier in low-profile DO-214AA Package



SD560B SMD rectifier

SMC Diode Solutions, a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of discrete semiconductors, voltage regulators, and die and wafer devices, announced the availability a general-purpose high voltage SMD rectifier in low-profile (DO-214AA) size format. The SD560B rectifier uniquely combines a compact footprint and 2.5mm profile with an average rectified output current (IO) rating of 5A continuous and a reverse voltage (VRRM) rating of 600V. The component additionally provides a robust forward surge rating (IFSM) of 200A, making it well suited for
switching and linear power supplies.

Primarily specified as an input rectifier to convert alternating line voltage to usable DC, the SD560B is appropriate in an extensive range of uses, such as a general-purpose rectifier, freewheeling diode, or reverse polarity protection device in applications where space is limited and long life and reliability are critical. The device is employed in an array of electronic devices and equipment, including high voltage regulated power supplies, switchmode power supplies, UPSs, AC-DC adapters/chargers, DC-DC converters, lighting circuits, industrial ballasts, temperature and motor speed control circuits.

SMC’s SD560B provides a low forward voltage drop (VF) of 1.2V max. (IF = 5A) to reduce heat dissipation and maximize energy efficiency, as well as a low idle current of 9µA max. (TA = 25°C, 600V) to minimize reverse energy loss. Typical junction capacitance (Cj) is 50pF @ 4V, 1MHz.
Designed for automated placement efficiencies, the glass-passivated component features a rugged maximum operating junction temperature range of -65 °C to 175 °C and an MSL moisture sensitivity level of 1 per J-STD-020. It is RoHS-compliant and supplied in a UL 94V-O rated molded plastic case, made of a “Green” molding compound. Its solder plated terminals are solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026. The rectifier measures 2.5mm (H) x 4.65mm (L) x 3.75mm (W), and weighs approximately 0.68 grams.

Per-piece pricing for the SD560B SMD rectifier ranges from approximately $0.087/1,000 to $0.47/1. Production quantities are immediately available in tape-and-reel. Samples, quotes and parts are available online from Digi-Key

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