Socket and Hardware Products Support Intel's Processors


New sockets support four or eight multi-processor system architectures

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- TE Connectivity (TE) introduced its LGA 4189 socket and hardware products, which support Intel next-generation central processing units (CPUs) for higher performance and better system scaling. LGA 4189 sockets are designed for Intel's next-generation processors, which support PCIe Gen 4 and four or eight multi-processor system architectures. TE has both socket and hardware parts available to deliver a full solution.

As one of only a few validated suppliers of this technology, TE is a dependable partner for this and future Intel processor designs. TE's flexible tooling provides fast turnaround time for prototypes so sockets can be in the customer's hands at the earliest stages of the design process. Applications for these products and Intel next-generation CPUs include servers, storage systems, data center equipment and high-performance computing systems.

"Intel continually pushes the performance envelope with each new generation of processors, and TE supports Intel's progress with socket and hardware parts that enable the latest Intel CPUs," said Ellen Liang, product manager at TE Connectivity. "TE is one of the few manufacturers that can provide sockets and hardware for these next-generation CPUs." 

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