Soft saturation behaviour, but very tough


Würth Elektronik presents another high-current inductor specifically optimized for applications in automotive electronic systems.

The WE-HCIT inductors are robust THT inductors particularly suited for use in vibration-sensitive applications. They are characterized by a high current capability of up to 28 A and a very low RDC (0.44 – 0.88 Ω. WE-HCIT components have a very soft saturation behavior.

The areas of application for the WE-HCIT high-current inductors are manifold: from DC/DC converters for infotainment and communication systems, EMI solutions for motors (car seats, mirrors, windshield wipers etc.) all the way to power applications and battery-management systems. The component is designed for a broad range of operating temperatures from -40 to +150 °C (AEC-Q200 Grade 1). The WE-HCIT THT High Current Inductor is available in the two construction sizes 1010 and 1008. It is available ex stock, and free-of-charge samples can also be supplied on request.