SolaHD UPS delivers industrial-strength power protection in flexible, fully upgradeable design



S5KC Industrial Series of modular on-line UPS

Targeting key industrial systems, automakers, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food and beverage and other mid-range power protection applications, SolaHD introduced its new S5KC Industrial Series of modular on-line uninterruptible power systems scalable from 5 to 20 kVA.

SolaHD S5KC Series UPS deliver rugged, reliable performance that easily adapts to the most demanding requirements for industrial equipment protection and availability. The UPS also provide superior fault tolerant reliability with integrated communications to help protect any industry that depends on continuous machine availability.


In line with SolaHD's commitment to flexible design, the S5KC Series supports custom application objectives by featuring multiple standard options in capacity and communications, both pre- and post-installation. All rugged units are fully configured, tested and shipped in the customer's exact requirements plus can be easily upgraded in the field to more powerful VA ratings, longer back-up times, or greater reliability by adding optional N+x parallel redundancy for multiple layers of protection. This flexible approach to system design keeps the UPS up-to-date with application needs without a large reinvestment in a new system and allows you to think ahead to your future needs. Each of the modular components, including 5 kVA power modules, LCD display, battery modules, system control modules and optional charger module, can be hot-swapped so the critical load remains protected during the upgrade and always on-line.


"Our energy efficient S5KC features modular, hot swappable components that provide fault tolerance and redundancy if you need it, while allowing customers to easily scale their UPS to meet ever changing production requirements." explained Mark Dziedzic, Product Marketing Manager for SolaHD. "That means there is only one UPS they'll need for less downtime, less scrap and less time and money spent repairing damaged equipment or bringing new equipment online."

The S5KC Series is protected by a fault-tolerant system that uses intelligent power and battery modules to take themselves off-line if there is a problem without interrupting power to the load. Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify its maintenance and troubleshooting.

Other key features include:
ENERGY STAR® qualified UPS models. Approved models use an average of 35% less energy;
An industry leading 0.9 power factor keeps machines performing flawlessly when running on battery power;
True on-line double conversion with a large input voltage range isolates sensitive equipment from power fluctuations while minimizing transfers to increase battery life;
Superior overload capabilities deliver conditioned power during temporary power anomalies without unnecessarily transferring to and from bypass power;
Independently controlled maintenance bypass is designed to provide maximum system availability to critical equipment;
Rack and floor mounting option available;
Multiple communication options and ships standard with one multiple protocol unity card allowing you to adapt to multiple system protocols like BACnet, Modbus and SNMP quickly out of the carton;
External battery cabinet options for longer run times and optional charger module reduces recharge times between events.