Solaredge introduces increased efficiency inverters with reduced installation time



SolarEdge Technologies, a leading global provider of end-to-end solar power optimization systems and monitoring solutions, announced today the introduction of a new version of top efficiency, single phase solar inverters. The improved version of the built-in communication interface enables simplified and faster installation. The SolarEdge line of single phase inverters gained a 0.2%-0.4% efficiency improvement due to selection of technologically advanced components. The range of 3kW, 3.5kW, 4kW, 5kW and 6kW PV inverters, now exhibits an improved European weighted efficiency as high as 97.6%. In addition, SolarEdge single phase and three phase inverters are equipped with a new built-in communication interface which now utilizes terminal block connectors that simplify installation by eliminating the need to crimp connectors. SolarEdge Solar inverters comply with the new German Low Voltage Grid Code VDE-AR-N-4105 (LVGC). Solar Inverters are equipped with a built-in power reduction interface on the new communication interface. The communication interface also allows connection of three single-phase inverters in a dedicated bus to prevent phase imbalance. "The SolarEdge highly efficient, lightweight and easily installed inverters are a perfect fit for European residential and commercial installations," said Joachim Nell, General Manager of SolarEdge Central Europe. "Combined with the SolarEdge power optimizers, these inverters make PV systems more profitable, safer and easier to design and maintain." For further information visit the SolarEdge team at OTTI's Bad Staffelstein Photovoltaic Solar Energy Symposium. About SolarEdge Technologies SolarEdge Technologies, provides end-to-end distributed solar power optimization and PV monitoring solutions, allowing maximum energy production for faster return on investment. The SolarEdge power optimizers perform MPPT per individual module while monitoring the performance of each module. A fixed DC string voltage is maintained, allowing optimal efficiency of the SolarEdge PV inverter, which is tailor-made to work with power optimizers. As a result, the SolarEdge system provides optimal power, flexible design and full roof utilization. Module-level electronics enable enhanced maintenance and increased system safety with the unique SafeDC™ mechanism. SolarEdge is online at