SolarEdge Launches Next-Gen Smart Power Optimizer Series with a Multi-Layered Safety Technology


New S-Series Power Optimizers include new sensor technology for improved safety in Commercial PV

SolarEdge Launches Next-Gen C&I Smart Power Optimizer Series with a Multi-Layered Safety Technology

­SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. has announced the launch of the S-Series new range of smart Power Optimizers. Now available for commercial and industrial PV applications across North America, the next generation Power Optimizers adds SolarEdge Sense Connect technology to its multi-layered approach for safety.

SolarEdge Sense Connect is an industry-first technology that detects temperature increase at the connector level to prevent potential electric arcs. By detecting and reacting to abnormal connector overheating that may happen due to faulty installations or connectors, SolarEdge Sense Connect technology stops power flow before an arc can occur. With module-level site visibility, operation and maintenance (O&M) providers are informed of the pinpointed location of the connector, so repairs can be conducted swiftly and easily. This helps maximize system safety, uptime and reduce O&M costs. The SolarEdge Sense Connect technology joins an expanded range of safety features, among them the SafeDCTM technology that is designed to enable PV systems’ DC voltage to be automatically reduced to touch-safe levels (1V DC per module), in grid failures or when the inverter is shut down. Adding to these, the Rapid Shutdown feature enables installers to activate SafeDC at the flip of a switch, discharging the conductors to safe voltage levels within just 30 seconds.

The S-Series Power Optimizer is designed to accommodate higher power modules and bi-facial modules, which due to the rear-side module mismatch can suffer from even greater potential power loss. Providing 99.5% efficiency and supporting two high power, high input current PV modules, the S-Series lowers Levelized Cost of Energy thanks to higher yield and enables longer and more powerful strings.

In addition, the S-Series offers a simplified cable layout, allowing faster installation and reducing potential isolation faults.

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