Solartility Inc. Launches Alberta's First Virtual Power Plant Offering 100% Green Energy and Reduced Electricity Rates for Customers


Home and building owners can save up to 30% on their annual power bills while contributing to Solartility’s community based environmental mission to reduce carbon emissions in Alberta by one Megatonne per annum by 2030.

Kelly Tallas, Co-Founder and CEO of Solartility Inc.

­Solartility Inc., the Calgary based electricity retailer, is launching Alberta’s first 100% green energy virtual power plant (VPP) with a new solution that makes green energy more accessible and affordable for Alberta homes and building owners.

Energy prices are skyrocketing. In Alberta, rates have set several all-time highs this year, with the December 2022 Electricity Regulated Rates doubling from those of the previous year (Alberta Regulated Rates Tables). The massive surge in energy costs, combined with overall high inflation, is making it increasingly difficult for many families to pay their basic energy bills, and making the switch to green energy at premium rates very unappealing. And transitioning to green energy is imperative for Alberta. Alberta’s emissions per capita are the second highest in Canada at 58.02 CO2e, and Alberta’s electricity generation has the highest contribution from fossil fuels as compared to all other provinces and territories. Alberta has a clear opportunity to generate more of its electricity from renewables.

Solartility Inc. is entering the market with a new choice for customers, a 100% green energy solution that lowers electricity costs for customers. As a key component of this community-based VPP, Solartility is providing homes and building owners with a zero-down leasing option for a complete solar, storage, and EV charger system -- installed, and smartly managed by Solartility’s AI and cloud-based energy optimizer solution for a seamless transition to clean renewable energy.

Solartility’s VPP is the first energy solution in Alberta that brings real time wholesale market integration, efficiency, and cost savings to residential customers and enables them to use their locally generated and stored power during times of peak energy usage – the times when prices are highest. The company expects customers can reduce their energy bills by up to 30%.

Shayne Butcher, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Solartility Inc. “The world is in a climate crisis and Alberta is Canada's largest GHG emitter (~38% of the country's GHGs come from AB).  As a result, the province is facing additional pressure to explore innovative ways to hit its emissions targets. Solartility Inc. offers a fresh approach and is set to make a meaningful contribution towards protecting the future for our children.” 

Kelly Tallas, Co-Founder and CEO of Solartility Inc., shared that “Electricity prices in Alberta have doubled in the past 12 months, combined with federal carbon taxes accelerating and high inflation rates electricity consumers in Alberta are being hit hard with unprecedently high power bills.  At the same time the climate crisis necessitates immediate and concrete action to reduce carbon emissions.  Solartility is pleased introduce our community based “energy-as-a-service” platform which offers Alberta electricity customers stable and affordable electricity rates combined with 100% green, solar power produced right in the province”  

Solartility will formally launch its Virtual Power Plant in Alberta with the first live residential sites in February 2023.