Spain’s TSK standardizes on AVEVA Integrated Engineering & Design for multi-discipline integration



Integrated Engineering and Design provides pervasive integration across 1D, 2D and 3D views

AVEVA announced that TSK, Spain’s leading specialist in Renewable Energy projects, has selected the AVEVA Integrated Engineering & Design (IE&D) software solution. Initially requiring a 3D design tool, TSK were shown the full benefit of AVEVA’s complete IE&D approach. By integrating all engineering and design disciplines to share common information, TSK benefits from reduced design time and the elimination of rework associated with inconsistent information. Information from electrical, instrumentation and 2D engineering work was previously retained by TSK in software developed in-house or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It is now available in an integrated environment for all designers on any given project, offering effective coordination between the multi-discipline teams at TSK.

‘AVEVA delivered TSK a powerful way to manage its work processes,’ said Jose Ramón Madera, Engineering Manager, TSK. ‘AVEVA IE&D offers better integration, time savings and accuracy. AVEVA took time to gain the confidence of the engineering and IT departments, in order to reassure everyone that the new IE&D approach would not cause unnecessary disruption. We were pleased to see how quickly we were able to deploy that solution and just how intuitive it is to use. Training was kept to a minimum. Compared to other software on the market, AVEVA offers a genuine integrated solution.’

‘Companies need to consider that just changing design tools will not solve the inherent problems a multi-discipline team have when working with a multitude of programmes and systems,’ said Evgeny Fedotov, SVP – EPC Sales, AVEVA. ‘A company can truly see the benefits available when all of the engineering discipline work together, while still having powerful individual capabilities. AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering & Design solution helps businesses to accelerate and control the iterative process of design and engineering, allowing multi-discipline engineers to share and collaborate on design changes, in real time, from anywhere in the world.’

AVEVA's Integrated Engineering & Design is the solution which supports the Engineering and Design for Lean Construction approach. AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering and Design solution is made up of established AVEVA products including AVEVA Diagrams, AVEVA Everything3D, AVEVA Electrical, AVEVA Engineering, AVEVA Instrumentation and AVEVA P&ID. Drawing on common processes, disciplines and deliverables AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering and Design solution improves project efficiency and reduces engineering and design costs.