SPiiPlus Library for MATLAB Enhances Application Development


Developers can now use the powerful capabilities of MATLAB to easily develop motion control applications and reduce time to market

MIGDAL HA’EMEK, Israel -- ACS Motion Control has created a MATLAB library that enables users to develop sophisticated applications with advanced diagnostics capabilities directly with ACS control systems. The MATLAB library communicates with ACS' motion controllers, allowing users to implement custom motion profiles, learning control algorithms, a custom FRF measurements, advanced monitoring systems, and much more.

The SPiiPlus Library for MATLAB allows users to experiment with algorithms to improve motion control performance for their application. It can provide design support at each stage of the development process, from modeling to deployment through automatic code generation.

"The SPiiPlus Library for MATLAB offers expanded flexibility and capability for motion control engineers. The library allows users to employ powerful MATLAB features to design, test and refine their motion control application. This enables a more robust and higher performance motion control system while reducing time to market," said Jason Goerges, General Manager at ACS Motion Control.

The new library Supports MathWorks MATLAB R2011a (v.7.12) and later, as well as Microsoft Windows operating systems starting from Windows 7.

The SPiiPlus MMI is now officially "MATLAB enabled" and ACS is a member of the MathWorks Connections Program, defined as "MathWorks Partner".

To learn more about the ACS Motion Control SPiiPlus MATLAB library a part of the SPiiPlus ADK software suite, visit https://www.acsmotioncontrol.com/spiiplusnt-inside.