Sprecher+Schuh’s KTU7 series molded-case circuit breakers tout size and convenience



Sprecher+Schuh’s KTU7 series UL Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Sprecher+Schuh’s KTU7 series of UL Molded Case Circuit Breakers are UL489 listed for global applications. The current limiting circuit breaker provides fixed short circuit and overcurrent protection and offers high interrupting ratings for 2- and 3-pole devices from 0.5 to 30A. These circuit breakers are 100% rated up to 15A. KTU7 molded case circuit breakers are smaller than larger counterparts, reducing panel space, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for more expensive equipment.

Accessories are intelligently designed to be field installed. The compact bus bars and supply blocks reduce wiring errors and installation labor cost. Connection modules for the CA7 Contactors simplify wiring and can reduce the number of DIN rails required, compacting panel space even further.

-Small foot print saves panel space, just 45 x 102 x 85 mm, up to 50% smaller than traditional MCCBs
-Interrupt rating of 65kA at 480Y/277V may allow higher overall panel short circuit rating
-Up to 6 times higher interrupting rating vs. traditional miniature circuit breakers

Target applications
-Feeder Circuits for small cabinets, distribution panels, branch circuit protection, transformers and heaters
-Control circuits for control circuit transformers and power supplies
-Industrial Heating applications
-Air conditioning and refrigeration applications