Stackpole Adds 5 ppm Capability to MLF / MLFM MELFs



Modern electronics have become more complex and their requirements more precise. For those applications that require low TCR, good pulse handling and low self-heating, a MELF resistor is often the best choice.

Stackpole's MLF / MLFM Series is a metal film MELF resistor that offers exceptional electrical and environmental stability with lower hot spot temperatures at full power than comparable flat chip resistors.

The MLF /MLFM is now available in ±5 ppm TCR in 0204 and 0207 sizes, in a resistance range of 10 ohms to 332K. This allows the popular MLF / MLFM to be used in applications requiring both robust performance and high precision, such as industrial controls, precision dispensing, medical monitoring and control, precision motor control, voltage and current measurement, and instrumentation.

Pricing for the MLF / MLFM depends on size, resistance value, and tolerance. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for specific pricing.

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