Stackpole Adds High Current Jumper to RPC-UP 0805 and 1206 Sizes



Electronic circuits frequently require zero-ohm jumpers for ease of manufacture or to make trace routing easier. Some of these applications require current handling that exceed the capabilities of general purpose chip resistors.

For high current handling requirements with frequent pulse conditions, the RPC-UP is an ideal choice. Current handling up to 6 amps is available with the RPC0805-UP jumper and up to 10 amps with the RPC1206-UP jumper. The RPC-UP is a thick film pulse withstanding ultra-high power chip resistor designed to withstand higher pulse power than conventional thick film chip resistors. Further, the design and construction of the RPC-UP provides reliable and repeatable electrical and environmental stability.  The addition of a high current jumper allows a single series to be used for more of the circuit requirements.

Pricing for the RPC0805-UP ranges from $0.048 to $0.065 each and the RPC1206-UP ranges from $0.028 to $0.075 each for 1% and 5% tolerances.  Contact Stackpole or one of their franchised distribution partners for specific or volume pricing.  

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