Stackpole Improves Resistor Voltage Ratings



RSF / RSMF Series 3W and 5W resistors

Stackpole announces upgrades in the working voltage ratings for the RSF / RSMF Series 3W and 5W resistors. The RSF3 working voltage is improved from 400V to 800V, the RSMF3 working voltage is improved from 500V to 600V, and the RSF5 and RSMF5 working voltage is upgraded from 750V to 1000V.

This enhances the series’ usability for a wider range of high power and high voltage applications. Those applications include power supplies, electric motor and pump controls, spa controls, climate controls, LED lighting, COTS military applications, video equipment, audio systems, portable electric tools, and medical equipment.

Pricing for the RSF / RSMF ranges from $0.023 each to $0.48 each depending on size, tolerance, and resistance value.