Stackpole releases anti-corrosive thin film chip resistor sample kits



Stackpole engineering sample kits designed for precision applications

Stackpole announces the release of their engineering sample kits designed for precision applications. The moisture withstanding RNCS Series kits contain 20 pieces each of 45 of the most popular resistance values for the 0603 size kit and 47 of the most popular values for the 0805 size kit. The RNCS0603 kit has resistance values ranging from 49.9 ohms up to 249K ohms. The RNCS0805 kit has values from 10 ohms up to 499K ohms.

The passivated Nichrome chip resistors are virtually impervious to moisture. The samples are supplied in 0.1% tolerance and 25 ppm TCR making them ideal for engineering design and prototype use where precision anti-corrosive resistors are needed.

Applications include medical and biomed engineering, precision controls for lasers or robotics, and aerospace. Pricing for the RNCS0603 kit is $91.00 each and for the RNCS0805 kit is $98.00 each. They are currently in stock either directly through Stackpole or through distribution.

Stackpole Electronics