Stackpole's CSRF2512 operate at resistance values down to 1 milliohm



Stackpole's CSRF Series

Stackpole's CSRF Series now offers resistance values down to 1 milliohm in the 2512 size. The CSRF Series bridges the gap between thick film technologies with their low cost but inability to achieve low resistance values at low TCR, and solid metal plate technologies with their low values and low TCR but higher cost.

In addition, the CSRF0402 is available down to 10 milliohms and the CSRF0603 is available down to 5 milliohm, among the lowest values in current sense resistors for those sizes. The CSRF is ideal for a wide range of precision power management and control applications where stability and low TCR are important.

Pricing for the CSRF varies depending on size, tolerance, and resistance value and ranges from $0.09 to $0.30 each in full reel quantities.