Stackpole's enhanced metal foil current sense chip resistors suit cost-sensitive apps



Stackpole's CSNL Series resistors

Stackpole's CSNL Series utilizes metal foil technology, which allows the CSNL to offer 1% tolerances and 50 ppm TCR in resistance values down to 0.5 milliohms. The CSNL Series offers sizes of ½ watt 1206, 1 watt 2010, and 2 watt 2512. The CSNL has excellent performance over life, temperature cycling, moisture, and short time overload with typical resistance shifts less than 0.5%. Stackpole utilizes high speed manufacturing for the CSNL to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum.

The cost effective CSNL Series is ideal for a variety of power control and power management applications in products ranging from low to high volume consumer electronics, and a range of portable electronic devices.

Pricing for the CSNL Series ranges from $0.165 each to $0.225 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for volume pricing.