Stackpole's RAF flat-termination chip resistor arrays offer size and weight reduction



The RAF Series from Stackpole is a small size chip resistor array consisting of two or four isolated 0201 equivalent resistors in a single rectangular shaped chip with no scallops or holes. By removing the scallops that chip arrays usually have, the substrate becomes less complex and less expensive. This type of package offers more than a 33% size and weight reduction over discrete chip resistors. The RAF Series is an ideal way to downsize a circuit design without having to design in discrete 0201 chip resistors which can be difficult for automated equipment to handle and place. The RAF Series offers four resistors in a package smaller than a discrete 0603 chip and two resistors in a package that is smaller than a discrete 0402 chip. It is available in 5% tolerance with 200 ppm TCR over a wide resistance value range. Pricing varies with size ranges from $0.025 to $0.027 each for full package quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for volume pricing. Current lead time is 8 weeks. Stackpole