Staco Energy Products' Automatic Voltage Regulators Control Output Voltage to 1%


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Staco Energy Products introduced its latest addition to their line of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) for the power conditioning in demanding applications. Based on a series regulation transformer controlled by variable transformers (VTs), these robust units offer tight output regulation and are easily customizable. The basic AVR will handle more than 90% of typical power problems - handling all but the most extreme voltage swings. Options such as suppression of high voltage transients, high harmonic content or site load balance can be added - providing site-specific power correction in a one-box solution. The Staco AVR is ideal for broadcast transmitter sites and studios, whole floor regulation in high-rise buildings, input voltage regulation for elevator control, large A/C chillers, lighting systems, industrial automation process control, CNC equipment, robotics, dockside or shipboard voltage regulation and power conditioning, XC-ray, CT scan and MRI power conditioning, commercial broadcast and military mobile communications trucks, trailers and shelters and more.

All Staco AVR units feature extremely high overload/inrush ratings. Gold plated contacts on all coils and nickel plated copper bus bars are standard. They are robust and durable enough to withstand the constant vibration of mobile applications. Individual coil protection means these proven units avoid catastrophic cascade failures which are common with other topologies. An industry-leading three year warranty attests to the robust design and workmanship inherent in each Staco AVR. These extremely efficient units have no active devices in the power path - which allows trouble- free, and maintenance-free operations as well as a very low cost of ownership. Easy front panel allows access for service/installation. All of these features and benefits are packed into a small footprint - so the units take up minimal floor-space or wall-space. "Customers tell us that these are the toughest power conditioners on the market today" says Paul Heiligenberg, Sales Operations Manager. "These units are packed with features that enhance their functionality and lower their cost of ownership. They are trouble-free and maintenance-free." For more information, visit, call 866-266-1191, write to Staco Energy Products Company, 301 Gaddis Blvd, Dayton, OH 45403, or e-mail to