Standex-Meder Electronics offers planar magnetics design guide



Planar Magnetics Design Guide for Transformers & Inductors

Standex-Meder Electronics, a manufacturer of precise, reliable, and long-lasting miniature switches, sensors and relays, announced the availability of its new Planar Magnetics Design Guide for Transformers & Inductors. Under its “custom is standard” pledge, the new guide showcases a variety of standard sizes in patented planar transformer and inductor designs, which are tooled and ready for Standex-Meder’s application engineering experts to customize for specific applications. Battery management, specialized aerospace and military power supplies, laser power supplies, high power LED lighting, servers, and telecommunication are just a few applications for which Standex-Meder has customized planar solutions.

Standex-Meder’s unique P025-P1100 line of planar transformers comes in standard sizes that can be quickly customized, often without start-up or tooling costs, for many power topologies, including soft switching, single or multiple outputs, different switching frequencies, and different input/output voltages. The transformers’ patented header and terminal design yields superior thermal management. The line features stable and precise co-planarity of terminals on both sides and excellent solderability. The transformers can be attached to a substrate or heatsink with controlled temperature. The compact, low profile planar transformers operate without any air flow for cooling and meet required minimum of clearances.

The new design guide also highlights the PQ style planar inductors, a line of fixed power inductors with a ferrite core. The PQ planar inductors are ideal for switching power supplies, DC/DC converters in distributed power systems, field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and low-profile high-current, and high current point-of-load (POL) converters. They are also a good choice for feedback control, overload sensing, load drop and shut down detection applications. The guide includes examples of customizations for core style and size, height, minimum inductance, and amp rating, as well as terminal style and optional packaging.

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