Step-Down Synchronous DC/DC Converters Compatible with 18V Input and 3A Peak Output



Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched the XC9280 series of step-down synchronous DC/DC converters, which are compatible with 18V input and 3A peak output and have a 70% smaller package area than previous products.

Products in the XC9280 series support 18V input and 3A peak output, and have a switching frequency of 1.2 MHz allowing them to be used with small coils (2.2μH inductance). They employ a compact TSOT-26 package (2.8 x 2.9 x h1.1mm) with mounting feet, which has a 70% smaller package area per unit than previous products, as well as a 25% smaller mounting area than previous products due to their higher switching frequency.

These products have an operating voltage range of 4.5V – 18V, and can support output voltages ranging from 1.8V - 7.0V. With a quiescent current of 80μA, their control system uses PFM/PWM automatic switchover control. Even with their compact packages, they can maintain on-resistance values of 0.166Ω (High Side) and 0.13Ω (Low Side), a level equivalent to previous products. They are also equipped with a built-in external adjustment soft-start function effective in preventing output capacity inrush and output voltage startup delays.

Torex will continue to swiftly develop products that meet market needs and contribute to a richer and more abundant society.

【Features of the XC9280 Series】

・  70% smaller package size than previous products (TSOT-26 package: 2.8 x 2.9 x h1.1mm)

・  25% smaller mounting area than previous products due to reduced package size

・  Switching frequency of 1.2 MHz allows use with small coils (2.2μH inductance)

・  90% efficiency (IOUT=1000mA)

・  Soft-start external adjustment is possible

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