STMicro's STM32L4 ultra-low-power MCUs offer rationalized peripheral set to support cost-optimized solutions



Offering a rationalized peripheral set, two new ultra-low-power STM32L4 product lines from ST Microelectronics provide a cost-optimized solution. With up to 256 Kbytes of Flash memory, our new STM32L43x MCUs comprise variants with versatile combinations of an integrated USB controller and LCD controller, while STM32L44x MCUs also include an AES encryption hardware accelerator for security-conscious applications.

Microcontrollers of the STM32L4 series are built using an innovative architecture to reach best-in-class, ultra-low power figures thanks to their high flexibility and advanced set of peripherals. The performance of the STM32L4 series blows away the competition in the ultra-low-power world by providing the best energy efficiency for applications.

STM32L4xx devices are based on Cortex-M4 with FPU core. They can operate up to 80 MHz and achieve 100 DMIPS performances at 80 MHz, thanks to the integration of the ART Accelerator while maintaining the smallest possible dynamic power consumption.
The STM32L4 series feature the FlexPowerControl, which increases flexibility in the power modes management while at the same time reduces the overall application consumption.

The STM32L4xx devices embed a high number of smart and performing peripherals, a large set of advanced and low-power analog features, and several peripherals tuned for low-power modes. Thanks to the batch acquisition sub-mode (BAM), microcontrollers of the STM32L4 series optimize the consumption when data are transferred with communication peripherals, while the rest of the device is kept in low-power mode.

Combining low-power design and processing performance allows the STM32L4 devices to achieve industry leading EEMBC ULPBenchTM score of 150. Developers will appreciate the new slim-form-factor NUCLEO-L432KC board – the first Nucleo-32 board integrating the new QFN32 package - and get direct access to ARM mbed online tools.

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