Streamline Portable Consumer Designs with Maxim’s MAX14748 15W USB Type-C Charger


First-to-market, single-chip solution quickly and safely charges 2-series Li-ion battery packs

Designers now have a simpler, more cost-effective approach to enable fast and safe charging of USB Type-C portable devices using 2-series Li-ion battery packs. The highly efficient, highly integrated, 15W MAX14748 USB Type-C charging and charger detection solution from Maxim Integrated Products is the first such solution on the market. The charger eliminates the patchwork of ICs previously required to deliver the same capabilities, while enabling designers to take advantage of only those USB Type-C functions required for their particular design.


From wireless speakers to high-end cameras, virtual reality (VR) headsets, and even motorized medical devices, there are a variety of applications taking advantage of the simplicity of USB Type-C connectors for charging and transferring multimedia data streams. Two-series battery packs provide these applications with the power they need to operate; however, these products also require ample energy to recharge. Until now, developing USB Type-C products powered by 2-series battery packs has required multiple discrete components, increasing bill of materials (BOM) costs and introducing additional points of failure within the circuit.


The MAX14748 streamlines the architecture by integrating a charger, USB Type-C charger detection, 28V over-voltage protection, and power path onto a single chip. The highly integrated solution, which supports legacy USB BC1.2-compliant and other non-standard chargers, enables USB Type-C charging at twice the power of Micro USB solutions. A programmable Automatic Input Current Limiting (AICL) feature safely draws the maximum current that the charging adapter can supply, protecting valuable end equipment. With the MAX14748, Maxim continues to extend its portfolio of power-related products targeted for unique USB Type-C application needs. Existing products in this category include the MAX77756 24V input, 500mA buck regulator; the MAX17205 stand-alone ModelGauge™ m5 fuel gauge with SHA-256 authentication; and the MAX20323 CC-pin overvoltage protector.