Super Junction MOSFETs in SMD-type DFN5x6, DFN8x8 Packages


Optimized for High-Density, Low Profile and Small Footprint Power Systems

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) announced the release of700V and 600V αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFET families in SMD-type DFN5x6 and DFN8x8 packages. αMOS5 is AOS’ latest generation of high voltage MOSFET, designed to meet the high efficiency and high-density needs for Quick Charger, Adapter, PC Power, Server, Industrial Power, Telecom, and Hyperscale Datacenter applications. 

The newaMOS5 DFN8x8 product’s footprint is only 64 mm², which is 57% smaller than that of D2PAK. Its package thickness is 0.9mm, an 80% height reduction versus D2PAK. The much lower source inductance of DFN8x8 package versus D2PAK helps significantly reduce gate ringing and Turn-on loss (Eon), and further improves the whole system’s reliability.

The newaMOS5 DFN5x6 product’s footprint is more compact at 30 mm², 61% smaller than that of DPAK. Its package thickness is only 0.75mm, a 67% height reduction versus DPAK. TheaMOS5 DFN5x6 package’s low source inductance provides a distinct benefit over DPAK package, which is ideal for fast switching and small form-factor PCB layout.

Additionally, aMOS5 DFN8x8 features Kelvin Source connection, which greatly improves switching performance by reducing switch-on loss through separate power and drive sources.

The first wave of aMOS5 DFNproducts will be available as one 600V device of 210mOhm in DFN8x8 (AONV210A60) and two 700V devices of 660mOhm and 1.6Ohm in DFN5x6 respectively (AONS660A70F and AONS1R6A70).  The future DFN product families will provide a much broader range of Rds(on). AOS aMOS5 DFN8x8 and DFN5x6 products alsocome with an MSL1 rating, meaning longer floor life and less maintenance concern.

Pricing and Availability

As part of the first wave release, AONV210A60 (600V 210mOhm DFN8x8), AONS660A70F (700V 660mOhm DFN5x6) and AONS1R6A70 (700V 1.6Ohm DFN5x6) are immediately available for production quantities. For 1000pcs, the unit prices are $2.7 for AONV210A60, $1.05 for AONS660A70F and $0.72 for AONS1R6A70.

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