Surface Mount Inductors for Multi-Purpose Applications


Ideal for High-Speed Data Processing Equipment Where Size Constraints and Performance are Critical Design Considerations

Signal Transformer announces their new SCIHP0412, SCIHP0420 and SCIHP0420TB Series of Surface Mount Inductors (SMD) for Notebooks, Tablets and Multi-Purpose Applications. These new series of SMD Inductors are ideal for tablets, notebook/desktop, server applications, battery powered devices, low-profile and high-current power supplies and DC/DC converters.

Signal Transformer’s new series of SMD power inductors provide a high range of inductances and low DCR in a small package size for greater efficiency, without compromising performance. Utilizing an enhanced manufacturing process, Signal has implemented composite molded construction technology, which provides a uniform, seamless powder iron core platform, encapsulating the entire coil structure and exposing only the surface mount terminal elements. This ensures our SMD Inductors for Notebooks, Tablets and Multi-Purpose Applications are highly efficient, with high noise filtering, high saturation current, high moisture protection and low magnetic radiation. In addition, our SMDs feature an encapsulated body and shielded design, have low EMI and noise, feature a low DC Resistance in package size and offer optimization of the PCB layout to meet industry needs for miniaturization, portability and high reliability.

SCIHP0412 Datasheet: