Surge Protective Device for Residential Load Centers


Whole-house surge protective device

Mersen is excited to introduce a new surge protective device for residential applications, the Surge-Trap Load Center Series (STLC). Mersen’s Surge-Trap STLC surge protective device adds a critical layer of surge protection for your entire home. From your family room to your office and your kitchen, your entire electrical system is protected. This simple whole house solution is installed directly in your electrical panel and has flexibility to fit in a variety of different load center manufacturers and models.

Designed with Mersen’s TPMOV technology to ensure superior safety and reliability, the Surge Trap STLC Series is a UL 1449 4th Edition Type 1 SPD, that satisfies the new 2020 NEC Article 230.67 requirement for surge protection in residential dwellings. It also features a standard 3-year manufacturer’s warranty in addition to a $25,000 connected equipment warranty. 

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