SUYIN's Small USB 3.0/ type - A Single Receptacles for Recessed PCB Installation Reduce Height



In keeping with customer requests, SUYIN has modified two single right-angled type-A USB 3.0 receptacles and developed particularly space-saving variants. The overall lengths are only 16.9mm and 16.75mm. Moreover, due to their innovative housing design, they can partially fit into a cut-out on the printed circuit board (PCB). This results in component heights of just 4.9mm or 3.59mm respectively above the PCB. In each case, this is achieved using two SMT solder tabs attached on the sides halfway up the housing's height. In addition, two metal right-angle snap-in clips designed for through-hole technology (THT), which are also located halfway up the housing, ensure particularly stable anchoring on the PCB. These USB 3.0 receptacles, which are backwards-compatible with USB 2.0, are equipped with nine contacts: four for USB 2.0 and five additional contacts for USB 3.0. The receptacles are supplied in tape & reel packaging.