Switch Reduces Costs for Vehicle Access Control


Two-lane Wiegand Switch and FEIG RFID Readers More Cost-effective for secure gate and parking installations

ATLANTA – FEIG Electronics is launching a uniquely cost-effective 2-lane Wiegand Switch for vehicle access control. Existing vehicle access control applications with two lanes require two separate RFID readers, whereas now only one reader, such as the ISC.LRU1002, can handle two lanes. Additional advantages to implementing the Wiegand Switch include reduced hardware costs and less space needed for the security electronics -- a critical issue for gate and parking installations.

FEIG’s latest addition to their vehicle access control is ideal for applications where reliable, inexpensive and secure identification of vehicles comes in handy such as gate access control and parking facilities.

According to Manuel Haertlé, senior product manager for FEIG Electronics, “Our customers are eagerly anticipating the new Wiegand Switch because it’s about one-tenth the cost and size of the typical RFID reader.”

The Wiegand Switch offers advanced functionality for standalone security readers and has:

  • Active-channel Indicators and signal improvement to reduce communication problems.
  • Compact housing of 99mm x 90mm x 22.5 mm (3.9”x3.5”x.8”) and DIN rail mounting to ensure easy, unobtrusive installation
  • ​​​​​​​Supports existing infrastructure that can connect to multiple readers.

The Wiegand Switch routes a signal to a dedicated vehicle entrance or exit input on the access control panel. This signal comes from a RFID reader after the connected antennas has identified a RFID enabled tag on the appropriate lane.

The new Wiegand Switch is currently available for samples and will be available for purchase in March 2018.

For more information, visit www.feig-electronics.com.