Switchcraft Mini-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connectors in Stock at TTI



TTI, Inc., announces the availability of Switchcraft’s Mini-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connectors from stock at TTI.

Switchcraft/Conxall Mini-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connectors feature a latching mechanism that provides an automatic positive lock. This latching mechanism improves the water resistance rating to IP68 when used as part of a molded cable assembly, making it ideal for harsh environments. The disconnect is easy with a quarter-turn of the coupling ring. Mini-Con-X Insta-Click Connectors are available as field-installable connectors or factory molded cable assemblies. Their high-quality, high-PBT plastic offers UV resistance for outdoor use and lighting applications. Target applications include outdoor use, harsh environment and lighting, to name but a few. They are in stock and available today.

You can see more at Switchcraft Mini-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connectors | TTI, Inc.