Switchcraft Shielded Multi-Con-X Expansion in Stock at TTI



TTI, Inc., announces the availability of Switchcraft’s Shielded Multi-Con-X Expansion from stock at TTI.

Switchcraft’s Shielded Multi-Con-X from Conxall has been trusted for years as a rugged harsh environment connector with added RF/EMI protection. The existing product offering only included male pins on the panel mount and female sockets on the cable end. As requested by customers, this latest expansion offers the reverse: female sockets on the panel mount receptacle and male pins on the cable end connector, allowing engineers to choose the option that best fits their direction of signal flow for added safety. Up to 12 #20 contacts are available. The shielded Multi-Con-X® is sealed to IP68 and offers UL F1 rated UV resistance.

Target Markets include Industrial sensors, security systems, outdoor signs and transportation, to name but a few. They are in stock and available today.

To learn more, visit Switchcraft Shielded Multi-Con-X Connectors at TTI.