Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry joins HomeGrid forum board



Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry (III) has joined the HomeGrid Forum Board. III adds an Asian voice and point of view to the Board, better enabling HomeGrid Forum to understand and react to the needs of Asian Operators, vendors and consumers.
Founded in 1979 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), think tank and management consultancy, III’s goal is to promote the development of Taiwan’s ICT Industry and the deployment of ICT in both the public and private sectors. III is at the very heart of the ICT revolution in Taiwan, continuously working to evaluate and then energetically promote leading ICT technologies such as G.hn.
HomeGrid Forum, with a goal of having strong Asian representation on its Board, invited III to join the Board. The III commitment to G.hn and its wide knowledge of ICT made them a perfect selection to represent the strong G.hn interest throughout the Asian market. The potential Asian market opportunities and technology hurdles are well known by III, which can guide the HomeGrid Board in formulating the best policies and G.hn specifications to meet these needs. III has been an active member of HomeGrid since 2009, supporting HomeGrid’s activities in the region with a number of regional events including networking opportunities and large shows, especially the highly successful Computex events each June. The ground-breaking June 2013 Computex event for HomeGrid and III, included a live demonstration of G.hn in a Smart Home setting, which established an industry benchmark for interoperation and performance that others have yet to achieve.
“The III team has been immensely supportive of us over these last few years, facilitating a wide range of meetings, events and campaigns in the region,” said HomeGrid Forum President John Egan. “The III level of knowledge of home networks and ICT is world class. We are delighted to have a representative of III on our Board, giving us a strong Asian voice and advocate to help guide us in meeting the extremely strong demand for G.hn across the region.”
“III determined some years ago that G.hn was the best wireline home network technology available and we joined HomeGrid to help promote G.hn. We are truly committed to the success of both the technology and HomeGrid, and believe our joining the Board will enable III to contribute to a 2014 breakout year for G.hn. In Asia, with our high-density residence buildings, networks are very close to each other, and G.hn’s powerline mode is the only one able to cope with neighboring networks’ interference. This alone makes G.hn the home network of choice for Asia,” said Dr. Ko, Director General of III.
HomeGrid Forum members have brought G.hn from only a concept to successful global adoption in less than three years. G.hn is the premier high-performance wireline home networking technology available anywhere.  It provides a robust network backbone for streaming multiple simultaneous video channels - including HDTV and Ultra-HD, audio and VoIP, video surveillance and gaming over any wire to any room in the home. 
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