TAIYO YUDEN Creates 105°C Capable Lithium Ion Capacitor


TAIYO YUDEN has added to its lineup of cylinder-type lithium ion capacitor LITHOSION *1 products with the LIC1840RH3R8107 (φ18 x 40 mm, 100 F).

The new capacitor has an increased operating temperature limit of 105°C

Example applications for this newcapacitor include peak assistance and backup power supply in servers, drive recorders, and smart meters. When the product is used at 3.5 V, the upper limit of the operating temperature can reach +105°C, which is 20°C higher than that of our conventional product LIC1840RS3R8107 (φ18 x 40 mm, 100F, with an operating temperature range from -30 to +85°C). Production of the product commenced at TAIYO YUDEN ENERGY DEVICE CO., LTD. Shirakawa Plant (Nishigo-mura, Nishishirakawa-gun, Fukushima prefecture, Japan), in December 2019