Tantalum SMT capacitors perform in applications up to 200°C



KEMET announced its new T500 High Temperature MnO2 Series of tantalum surface mount capacitors. The T500 Series is a high temperature product that offers optimum performance characteristics in applications with operating temperatures up to 200°C. Typical applications include decoupling and filtering for various Measurement-While-Drilling or Monitoring-While-Drilling (MWD) technologies in the down-hole industry and high temperature requirements in the military, aerospace, and automotive industries. Typical markets include alternative energy, industrial/lighting, transportation, and defense and aerospace. With high reliability, low leakage current and robust mechanical construction, the T500 Series is the lowest total cost solution for high temperature applications, and complement KEMET's T498, T499, and high temperature ceramic capacitors. "KEMET is excited about our new T500 high temperature tantalum surface mount capacitor," stated Conrado Hinojosa, KEMET Executive Vice President, Tantalum Business Group. "The technology incorporated into this product is truly leading edge and has resulted in the best +200°C rated tantalum capacitor available on the market today." "KEMET's T500 Series is the first high temperature product offered with an established reliability option and 100% surge current option," said Dr. Phil Lessner, KEMET Senior Vice President, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer. "With the lowest leakage current of any +200°C rated tantalum surface mount device on the market today, T500 Series customers are assured of the highest reliability and most surge robust high temperature tantalum capacitors in the industry," continued Dr. Lessner. Kemet