TCI Releases Sine Wave Filter with Connectivity



TCI announced the latest addition to their connectivity solutions – KMG with PQconnect Sine Wave Filters. These sine wave filters enable users to monitor and track performance using network communications.

Sine wave filters convert the PWM wave form to a near sinusoidal wave form by attenuating the carrier frequency. Without the protection of a sine wave filter, premature equipment failure may occur due to the VFD PWM carrier frequency and/or the high dV/dt voltage spikes at the motor terminals.

The KMG with PQconnect adds monitoring and connectivity to your sine wave filter. This ensures all the high value electrical pumping assets are being protected from failure. The KMG with PQconnect enables pumping and VFD process control adjustments to optimize uptime and prevent power quality issues. Real-time power quality data can be used to monitor and trend for early detection of abnormal conditions. By using TCI's free proprietary software, PQvision, users can monitor and track their sine wave filter performance.

The KMG with PQconnect has universal acceptance and is used with virtually all AC induction motors, lead lengths and lead types. It is also used with a wide range of carrier frequencies from 2 kHz to 16 kHz.

For more information on sine wave filters with connectivity, visit TCI's website.